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Your Help Means a Lot

Thank you EB Smart Enterprise!  


Thank you for your generous donation to the AmericanDiabetes Association® (ADA)! The details of your contributionare included below for your records.  


Your support makes so many things possible: vital funding tohelp advance cutting-edge biomedical research; awarenessprograms so people at risk can take charge of their health andwell-being; sharing of best practices and standards of care withdoctors so they can take even better care of their patients;advocacy for the rights of people with diabetes at school and ina workplace and urging Congress to make diabetes a priority;and so much more!  


We’re so grateful to you for leading the charge againstdiabetes, EB Smart Enterprise. On behalf of all of us here atthe ADA and all those living with diabetes, thank you again foryour support.  




American Diabetes Association.  


P.S. Please print or save this message for your personalrecords. Many employers will match charitablecontributions made by their employees—an easy way todouble the impact of your generous donation. To learnmore and find out if your employer participates, pleasevisit:

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